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**** updated Tuesday 6 July 2021 (with competition news and programme)

covid-19 notice

HUT MEETINGS AT Crawley Camera Club
This is being reviewed month by month. Please watch out for updates

In the interim we have an online programme with regular competition, online and Zoom events

Members should watch out for emails and/or look at the Facebook group. Non-members can contact us here (and register to join in)

What’s On

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**** Programme updated 1 July 2021 for upcoming competition, online and Hut/Zoom events until end-June 2022

Members should watch out for emails with details of the regular online programme during this period when Club meetings are suspended.  For further details contact

**** Important note: any Programme changes are distributed to members via the Club’s Facebook group (for Facebook users) and by email (please keep your contact details current).  They are also broadcast on the Club’s Twitter feed ( or follow @crawleycamera for latest news/updates.

Upcoming Club competition dates and recent winners (2020/21)

Summary results in the competitions are shown below.  Full results available in members area

See images when available on Facebook and Twitter and on our home page

See us also on Facebook (for members who are facebook users) and (public feed – no need to register)

Monthly Set Subject Competition

This competition comprises monthly rounds (Sept 2020 – June 2021) which are open to all members. The theme for this year is the 10 unique letters in  F I N D i n G _ P H O T o S  in order.

Additional online rounds in July 2020 using any of  “JQK” and August 2020 using any of “VXZ” complete the alphabet after using CRAWLEY caMera clUB last year.

Image subjects should be inspired by, or start with, the chosen letter for each month. Images for any month can be taken at any time in 2020-2021 (during lockdown this restriction doesn’t apply – so ample opportunity to look at recent archives or plan ahead).  Further details are included in the programme.

Congratulations to top 3 images in

(1) Steve Yates “Dovercourt (D)” (2) Peter Webb “Pavilion Dome at Twilight (P)” and (3) Steve Yates “Dawn (D)”
Jun “S”
(1) Steve Peel “Shoreline (in moonlight)” (2) Peter Webb “Sunrise Contemplation” and (3) Steve Peel “A Splash of Sunshine at Sunset”
May “T”
(1) Helen Speck “Train Toilet” (2) Steve Peel “Tide and Tempest” and (3) Helen Speck “Timely Train”
Apr “O”
(1) Steve Yates “On the Hill” (2) David Rowe “Osprey” and (3) Liz Lamb “Ooops”
Mar “H”
(1) Steve Peel “Helmets in Hastings” (2) Margaret McGinn “Hands” and (3) Anthony Dilley “Handlebar”
Feb “P”
(1) Peter Webb “Pavilion Dome at Twilight” (2) Steve Yates “Ponies in Winter” and (3) Steve Yates “Pavilion Light”
Jan “G”
(1) Liz Lamb “Grapes” (2) Andrew Kernan “Gazebo in the mist” and (3) Steve Peel “Game (of Thrones)”
Dec “D”
(1) Steve Yates “Dawn” (2) Anthony Dilley “Determination” and (3) Steve Yates “Dovercourt”
Nov “N”
(1) Anthony Dilley “Naked” (2) Steve Yates “November 2020” and (3) Steve Peel “escape from the Net”
Oct “I”
(1) Steve Peel “Ice and Stones” (3) Trevor Williams “Ink” and (3) Steve Peel “Instant Coffee”
Sept “F”
(1) Steve Peel “Flame” (2) Peter Webb “Fireworks” and (3) Margaret McGinn “Water Fountain”
Aug “VXZ”
(1) David Rowe “Zambian Zebras” (2) Steve Peel “The Crossing” and (3) Steve Peel “Vertigo”
Jul “JQK”
(1) Steve Yates “Jack or Jill” (2) Andrew Kernan “Juggling” and (3) David Rowe “Queen”

Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competition

(go to latest results) The three rounds of the 2020-21 PDI Competition and PDI of the Year are now completed.

DPI Competition

(go to latest results) For 2020-21 the PRINT competition has been substituted with the DPI (Don’t Print It) Competition online. The three rounds of the DPI Competition and DPI of the Year are now completed.

Set Subject Competition

(go to results) The Set Subject Competition for 2020-21 “Artistic Interpretation” was completed in December.

Camera, digital, studio, darkroom help

We offer photography and digital imaging practical/coaching sessions to help you improve your images and get more from your camera.  We can be flexible over timing to suit your availability. Sessions can be varied to suit particular requirements of beginners and more experienced enthusiasts and can be 1-1 or small group based in our meeting space.

In particular, beginners can sign up for our “Getting to know your camera” session which includes a month’s membership of the Club to meet our members, experience our meetings and get more tips.

Additionally we have studio “open days” for you to see or use our studio/darkroom facilities.

Please contact us via the contact form to talk about your specific needs.

See the first of a new set of tutorials about using our studio equipment (released end Jan 2020)