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**** site updated Sat 6 August 2022 ****

The Club is now in its Summer programme where meetings and events are arranged by members on an ongoing basis. Members should watch for email details of events. The new programme from September is being finalised and will be available soon.

Currently meetings are a mix of online and some Hut-based activities. This is being reviewed month by month. Please watch out for updates.

See link to full programme below

Members should watch out for emails and/or look at the Facebook group. Non-members can contact us here (and register to join in)

What’s On

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Programme updated for the new Club year (July-June) with upcoming competitions, online and Hut/Zoom events until end June 2022.

Upcoming Club competition dates and recent results (2021/22)

Monthly Set Subject Competition

This competition comprises 12 monthly rounds (July 2021 – June 2022) which are open to all members. The theme for this year is based on a set of school curriculum subjects. The top 3 images from each round go forward to an overall final in June. See programme for subject and the dates for submission, voting and results each month.

Congratulations to our recent winners. Click here to see latest results.

Note: If we are unable to meet in the Hut for Print competitions then rounds will be judged online using “digital prints” (“Don’t Print It” competition format).

The three rounds of the Print/DPI Competition and Print/DPI of the Year started in November 2021. See programme for details of dates and judges.

The competition is now complete. Click here to see latest results.

Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competition

The three rounds of the PDI Competition and PDI of the Year started in October 2021. See programme for details of dates and judges.

The competition is now complete. Click here to see latest results.

Set Subject Competition (with judge)

See programme for details. Click here to see results when available.

The competition is now complete.

Camera, digital, studio, darkroom help

We offer photography and digital imaging practical/coaching sessions to help you improve your images and get more from your camera.  We can be flexible over timing to suit your availability. Sessions can be varied to suit particular requirements of beginners and more experienced enthusiasts and can be 1-1 or small group based in our meeting space.

In particular, beginners can sign up for our “Getting to know your camera” session which includes a month’s membership of the Club to meet our members, experience our meetings and get more tips.

Additionally we have studio “open days” for you to see or use our studio/darkroom facilities.

Please contact us via the contact form to talk about your specific needs.

See the first of a new set of tutorials about using our studio equipment (released end Jan 2020)