About Competitions:

What are they about?

They provide a pleasant way to improve your photography. Even if you only watch you will pick up lots of hints and tips on how to take better pictures. The judges we have for our competitions are all experienced photographers usually from other clubs in the area.

So that you are competing with those of a similar level of skill members are placed in one of two groups or categories.

For more information see our latest Competition Rules

Competition Categories

Intermediate: For those who have just started entering competitions
Advanced: The top level of photographic skill. Members must be able to consistently produce work of the highest standard.

Print and PDI Competitions

Competitions are held approximately once a month for either prints or PDIs with separate evenings for intermediate and advanced.

The judges comment on each entry giving the benefit of their experience and particularly for the Intermediate group lots of helpful advice.

As well as the Club’s own competitions we enter the Sussex and the Surrey Federation competitions.

There are also set subject competitions at intervals during the year.

One of the best things about competitions is that you get to see some great pictures which inspire you to try harder.

Competition Results:

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Set Subject Competitions

External Competitions

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