Exhibition 2022

Club Exhibition Summer/Autumn 2022

An online exhibition of images taken and individually selected by members of Crawley Camera Club

This year the Club has a public exhibition of mounted prints in the exhibition space at Crawley Museum from August to September. This is the online version of that exhibition. We encourage you to visit the print exhibition to see the images mounted and as intended by the photographers (see Crawley Museum website for opening times).

Click on an image to see a larger version
and then on the “i” symbol below the image to see text provided by the photographer

Please leave comments if you wish
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or use Twitter with tag #crawleycamera2022

We are pleased to announce that Crawley Arts Council have selected their favourite images in the exhibition.
The Crawley Arts Council Chair’s Choice Award is…

Congratulations also to the following images selected by the Executive Committee of the Crawley Arts Council

Old Selsey by Steve Yates (Highly Commended)
Cormorant Lookout by Steve Yates (Highly Commended)
Soho Doorways by Anthony Dilley (Highly Commended)
A Wet Day in London by Clive Hobbs (Highly Commended)
Spirits by George Redgrave (Highly Commended)

Click on an image to view a larger version with text underneath
(scroll down below the image if the text is not visible).
You can then view the images sequentially in “carousel” mode where you can…
– Use the arrows at each side of the screen to move between images or swipe on a touchscreen.
– Click on the symbols underneath each image to see the photographer’s text and to add a comment.
– Close the image using the “X” above the photo you are viewing to return here.