Hi everyone,

Kudos to Paul Holmes and Sarah Ash for their brilliant presentation last night on the use of and processing of black and white film. It was very enjoyable and was lovely to see so many members had come along to support them. Well done Paul and Sarah!

Before I tell you what is on next week there are quite a few things I need to let you know about so please read on.

First off ATTENTION ALL STUDIO USERS. At last your wish has been granted and we now have a calendar on the website where you can see which slots have been booked and which are free.  A Club Facilities calendar has been added to the website (under the Information tab) which shows availability of the studio / darkroom.  This will be managed by Mike Tagg and myself and bookings should be made through either of us by email in the normal way.  We hope you will find this useful and must thank Steve Peel and Daniel for their efforts in getting this up and running.

Secondly our judge for the Club PRINT Round 2 competition has asked if we could  change the date.  PRINT Round 2 is now planned to take place on WEDNESDAY 7 FEBRUARY rather than Monday 12 February . The programme has been updated and a couple of sessions moved around during this week.  PLEASE UPDATE YOUR DIARIES.

Thirdly we have decided to make a few changes to the monthly challenge competition. The winner each month together with second and third placed images will be entered into an overall challenge knockout at the end of the Club year with an award for the overall winning image.  This will take place on the last evening of the club year before we have the summer break.  So to be in with a chance make sure you enter each month.  This month the subject from the school curriculum is READING.  Images must be taken in the month of the challenge. No archives allowed.  Three images may be entered each month and it would be good if you could prefix your tiltles A B C so that your images won’t be competing with themselves in the early stages. Interpret the subject as you wish.

The week ahead:-

Monday 16th October

Choosing images to display at The Crawley Art Society

Wednesday 18th October

Visit to Crawley Art Society.  Please meet at The Art Society at 7.30pm. They meet at St Johns Church Hall in the town centre.

There is a car park at the front and you will need to get a ticket from the art society to put on your dashboard.



From next week we hope to include links in this email to the website, the programme, Facebook and Twitter to make it simple to access these resources from the email newsletter.  So check to make sure it doesn’t get diverted to your junk folder and/or set my email as a trusted email address

Have a great weekend

Best wishes



You can now get updates, reminders and images from the Club on Twitter.
It provides an additional online public storefront for the Club’s activities and images (in addition to website and Facebook) and is also a handy reminder for upcoming and past events for members.

You don’t have to register with Twitter to see the messages.
Just go into your browser and search/goto
This takes you to our public “home page” which shows messages sent from the Club or forwarded (“retweeted”) messages we’ve received.  We “follow” messages from some photography sources (journals, organisations, etc.) as news feeds and retweet those that may be of wider interest – if you have other suggestions let us know (the manufacturers have some interesting announcements but also a lot of marketing stuff).

Bookmark the twitter page to visit it regularly to view updates.
We will include images from Club evenings and competitions in order to make the posts more interesting (like website and Facebook) and assume no-one objects to our random use of accessible images.

Broadcasts (“tweets”) are succinct (always less than 140 characters) and may have up to four images attached.  They are presented in reverse chronological order (most recent first, then in order posted) – so always scan down the list to see earlier messages.  Twitter includes some “ads” between tweets (it’s how it gets funding) but they are generally sparse – please just ignore them.

Have a look at and send us feedback.  Bear in mind it’s partly about being useful to members and partly about providing awareness of the Club to the public.


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If you want to register as a new Twitter user – creating a username is straightforward on the website – all it needs is an email address (I used a spare email address until I had confidence in Twitter – but have now changed to my main one – it’s not published). No need to include any other personal information. You can be as personal or anonymous in your username as you want, for example, @insideHut16