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Thank you to Steve Yates and Mike Tagg for heading our 2 sessions this week and giving us an insight as to how and where their images were taken.  Some beautiful images from both and also from members.   

Following last week’s newsleitter, it was suggested, that for the 6th February Electricity in Crawley evening, that images could be brought as PDI’s on the proviso that if chosen for the exhibition, the member will bring a print when required. This will be quite acceptable, so for 6th February PDIs or prints for selection. Please bring 5 prints or PDIs or a mixture of both if you want to be part of the competition.  Please do not bring more. Only 5 will be put forward if you do!!  

This brings me to another matter that some members appear to be  bringing more than the suggested amount of images for show and tell evenings which is unfair to those who abide by the rules. If we say 10 images then please bring 10 .  This gives everyone who contributes an equal chance of speaking about their images.  Thank you.


The week ahead


Monday 14th January


An evening with Peter Webb – interesting images from an exotic location (presentation)


Wednesday 16th January


CLUB PROJECTED DIGITAL IMAGE (PDI) COMPETITION ROUND 2 with visiting judge Sheena Rogers. Images should be with Edwin by end of day Friday 11th January.  For more information please refer to last week’s newsletter.


Have a good weekend


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